A Pairing (extracts)

A live recording from 'Leap', a collaboration between Kirkos and the Irish National Youth Ballet

Instrumentation: flute, violin, percussion

Type: theatre, ensemble

Year: 2014

Premiere: Performed by Kirkos and INYB at Kirkos: Leap, 31st March 2014, RIAM.

Duration: 4’

Composer: Robert Coleman
Choreography: Aoife Murray O'Brien and Aoibh NíRíain Broin
Dancers: Aoife Murray O'Brien and Saoirse Delaney

‘A Pairing’ is a simple dialogue between instruments.
The flute and bass drum set a more serene mood with their initial pairing. This is interrupted by the more irascible violin accompanied by the snare drum. An encounter ensues between flute and violin and they join together for the final showdown.