Look At It Other Way Round

Instrumentation: 6 soprano voices

Type: vocal

Year: 2018

Premiere: Performed by Universe Birds, conducted by Georgi Sztojanov, Spring Festival, 9th April 2018, Korzo Theatre, Den Haag.

Duration: 11’

'Look at it other way round' is written for a vocal ensemble of six sopranos. Musical material was first written and then reduced and expanded to different proportions and presented like variations on a theme. The inspiration for this comes from my current research into architectural representation and how objects can be presented at various scales allowing the viewer to relate to it in an entirely different way. This idea is also reflected in the text which is taken from James Joyce's Ulysses. The words vary from coherent phrases to more chaotic fragments and the result is music which at times is intelligible, and at other times is pushed out of context and beyond normal comprehension.