Crash Ensemble Perform : Robert Coleman - In Fervorous Frenzy

Live performce by Crash Ensemble: Isabelle O’Connell (Piano), Mairead Hickey (Violin) & Kate Ellis (Cello), as part of FREE STATE 10, The National Concert Hall Dublin, 2017.

Instrumentation: violin, cello, piano

Type: ensemble

Year: 2015, rev. 2017

Premiere: Performed by the Fidelio Trio, Kevin Barry Room, 12th April 2015, National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Duration: 7’

When writing this piano trio I considered how the piano is distinct from the stringed instruments. As such I created a kind of drama where each play different parts. The piano begins to acts as instigator, forcing the strings into action but also cutting them short and not letting them speak. They begin to act for themselves and a conflict results.