I've never felt so alive
I've never felt so alive
I've never felt so alive

Instrumentation: narrator, narrator, adapted viola, recorders, bass clarinet, kithara, chromelodeon.

Type: ensemble

Year: 2018

Premiere: Performed by the Scordatura Ensebmle, Spring Festival, 11th April 2018, Korzo Theatre, Den Haag.

Duration: 6’

I've never felt so alive was written for the Amsterdam based Scordatura Ensemble, who specialise in the works of Harry Partch. It was premiered as part of Rose Petal Jam, a concert tour featuring Partch's earliest chamber works. As such the piece was influenced by Partch and was an exploration of his tuning systems and the instruments he designed.

The piece is structured around the narrator's text with all the instrumental parts related to the speech through a system of expansion and contraction of their rhythmic patterns and melodic contours.