There Once Was

Live recording of the premiere performed by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra

Instrumentation: 4 laptops, 4 gametrak controllers

Type: electro-acoustic/multimedia

Year: 2013

Premiere: Performed by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra, 13th November 2013, National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Duration: 6’

There Once Was is written for live improvised electronics

There Once Was is a spoken word piece based upon four well known fairy-tales. In approaching this piece I treated the performers like a quartet: working with each other, while having their own voice within the piece. I chose four narrators: a soprano, alto, tenor and bass to each fill up one of these parts. Central to the composition is a play on the rate of playback, affecting the voices’ tone, pitch and rhythm. The four narrators are Margaret Bridge, Heather Fogarty, Ben Escorcio and Benjamin Russell. The four fairy-tales are…well, you should know!