Preparations and Connections (from Interface)
Preparations and Connections (from Interface)
Preparations and Connections (from Interface)

Instrumentation: soprano, tenor, horn, viola and harpsichord

Type: theatre, vocal

Year: 2014

Premiere: Performed by Margaret Bridge and Ciarán Kelly with RIAM Opera Ensemble, 18th December 2014, RIAM.

Preparations and Connections are scenes one and two from the short, one act opera, Interface which was co-written by composers Robert Coleman, Sanne Saajos, Aran O’Grady.

The opera is based upon the failing relationship between a couple who have moved apart and their main means of communication is through skype.

Preparations is a short prelude to the opera where we see Laura preparing herself to call her boyfriend Liam. The music begins tense and charged, perhaps a clue of what is to come. The viola takes over and this quickly dissolves into the frivolity of Laura’s preparations as she combs her hair and makes faces at herself in the mirror.

Connections is the first scene of communication between the couple, but it is not a successful one. The harpsichord and horn begin in a frivolous manner reflecting the seemingly normal introductions made by the characters. However it soon becomes clear that there is a breakdown in the line and Laura cannot hear Liam. Tension builds and the harpsichord pushes the scene forward to a climax.