Still Life IV: Undercurrents

Live recording at Kirkos Blackout (2012), performed by Alexander Bernstein

Instrumentation: piano

Type: solo

Year: 2012

Premiere: Performed by Máire Carroll at Kirkos Launch Concert, 17th April 2012, St Anne’s Dawson Street, Dublin.

Duration: 4’15

Click here for audio-visual version.

Undercurrents is the fourth piece in my Still Life series which I have been writing for solo piano.
In the way that a painter might focus in on certain objects, colours or techniques in a still life, I too have tried to limit the musical palette used here. The right hand plays a simple repetitive arpeggiac motif while the left hand moves about in constant interaction with it, creating a sense of movement, which I liken to the sounds of running water.

Photo by Nathy Coleman