Premiere at the New Ross Piano Festival 2018 / by Robert Coleman

Written for Billy O’Brien, Impulses will be premiered at Billy’s concert at the New Ross Piano Festival 2018.

This programme will follow a short presentation by Billy O’Brien to music students from secondary schools in New Ross and Waterford. Billy himself hails from Waterford so is best placed to inspire these young student and give them an insight into his life as young professional concert pianist. His recital is designed to be enjoyable and accessible, made up of short pieces which Billy will introduce.

Claude Debussy
From Images, Book 1: Reflets dans l’Eau
From Preludes, Book 2: Feuilles Mortes, Ondine

Robert Coleman
Impulses (world premiere)

Frédéric Chopin
Four Mazurkas Op. 17
No. 1 in B flat major – Vivo risoluto
No. 2 in E minor – Lento, ma non troppo
No. 3 in A flat major – Legato assai
No. 4 in A minor – Lento, ma non troppo

Alexander Scriabin
Sonata No. 4 Op. 30 in F sharp major
Prestissimo volando

Friday 28th September
12 noon
St. Mary’s Church


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