New Site Specific Work at Dune Works / by Robert Coleman

DUNE WORKS - Three different artists have come together in response to the ethos, space, and environment of the Celestial Vault. Through an immersive event that will encompass spatialised musical performance and participatory experiences, the qualities of the site and dunes will be explored.


Anni Nöps – Participatory multi-sensory path

Robert Coleman – How many sides do you see? Performed by But What About

Tony Guarino – Automatic writing / simultaneous talking
[ please bring a pen and notebook ]


Saturday 4th May,

14:00 meet at De Haagsche Beek Restaurant,
Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 175, Kijkduin (opposite the Celestial Vault)

14:30 group departs and event begins

Creative director: Robert Coleman

But What About: Wilco Oomkes, Julian Sarmiento, Vincent Martig

Thank you to Martijn Padding, Erika Bordon and the Creative Departments of the Royal Conservatory, the Hague for support.

Thank you to Stroom Den Haag for use of the special place that is the Celestial Vault.


Anni Nöps is an artist connected to the ArtScience Interfaculty. Her practice lies in the domain of the intangible, exploring aural and tactile textures in combination with a sensitivity towards spatial awareness.


Turrell says of his own work that it has “no object, no image and no focus”.
'How many sides do you see?' is a 5 movement site specific composition which takes Turrell's concepts and merges it with my own research. Using data from a daylight spectrum as a starting point, various musical objects were composed and then dispersed around the site, representing the movement of the sun across the sky.

Dublin born composer Robert Coleman is previous graduate of the UCD Dublin School of Architecture and the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He is currenlty finishing his masters under Yannis Kyriakides and Diderik Wagenaar at the Hague, where his current research focuses on the use of musical object and combining architectural idioms within a musical context.
He is a founding member and artistic advisor of the Dublin based new music group Kirkos, who have premiered over 150 works to date by Irish composers, and commissioned many of Ireland’s most prominent and emerging talents.


Tony Guarino instigates dissociative sonic events. With roots in experimental percussion, he is currently researching human-nonhuman interaction, polytemporality, and sonically-driven trance states at the Institute of Sonology.

Link to FB event here.